Previous Rapid Start Funding Awardees

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2022 Awardees

See our May 2022 newsletter announcement for detailed project summaries and co-investigators.

  • Ashley Griffin, PhD & Sarah Javier, PhD

    • Project Title: Proactive Messaging to Facilitate Veteran Engagement in Non-Pharmacological Pain Treatments
    • VA Location: VA Palo Alto Health Care System
  • Meilen Chang Munoz, MD, PhD, MS

    • Project Title: Engaging Hospitalized Veterans in Non-Pharmacological Treatments for Chronic Pain
    • VA Location: Sacramento VA Medical Center
  • Charles Penza, CD, PhD

    • Project Title: Pilot Study Testing the Feasibility to Implement Virtual Monitoring of Pain, Enjoyment of Life, and General Activity (PEG) for Veterans Seeking On-Station Chiropractic Care
    • VA Location: VA Orlando Healthcare System
  • Victoria Powell, MD

    • Project Title: Association of Nociplastic Features with Functional Status and Treatment Utilization in Aging Veterans with Chronic Low Back Pain
    • VA Location: LTC Charles S. Kettles VA Medical Center
  • Danielle Wesolowicz, PhD

    • Project Title: Development of a Group Psychotherapy Protocol for Pain and Co-occurring Substance Use
    • VA Location: VA Connecticut Healthcare System

2021 Awardees

See our August 2021 newsletter announcement for detailed project summaries and co-investigators.

  • Rendelle Bolton, PhDc, MPH, MSW, MA

    • Project Title: Organizational Context and Variation in CIH Use among Veterans with Chronic Pain within the Whole Health System of Care
    • VA Location: VA Bedford Healthcare System
  • Mary A. Driscoll, PhD

    • Project Title: Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy: A Feasibility Pilot in Women Veterans with Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions
    • VA Location: VA Connecticut Healthcare System
  • Carolyn Gibson, PhD, MPH & Francesca Nicosia, PhD, C-IAYT

    • Project Title: A Mixed Methods Feasibility Study of Integrated Tele-Yoga Therapy for Midlife and Older Women Veterans with Chronic Pain
    • VA Location: San Francisco VA Health Care System
  • Aimmee Kroll-Desrosiers, PhD

    • Project Title: Exploring Pain Management Strategies for Perinatal Veterans
    • VA Location: VA Central Western Massachusetts
  • Jessica Ma, MD

    • Project Title: Optimizing Opioid Safety in End-Stage Kidney and Liver Disease
    • VA Location: VA Palo Alto, Durham VA, and VA Connecticut
  • Hilary Mosher, MD

    • Project Title: Admission as Disruption? A Retrospective Cohort Study of Buprenorphine Treatment Continuation in Hospitalized Veterans
    • VA Location: Iowa City VA
  • Krista Scorsone, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC

    • Project Title: A Pilot Study Evaluating Acceptability and Feasibility of Text-Messaging Based Assessment for Rural Veterans with Chronic Pain
    • VA Location: VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System

2020 Awardees

See our October 2020 newsletter announcement for detailed project summaries and co-investigators.

  • Thiru M. Annaswamy, MD, MA

    • Project Title: Feasibility, Pain and Functional Outcomes of a Novel Mixed Reality Based System to Manage Phantom Pain for Patients with Lower Limb Amputation: A Pilot Study
    • VA Location: North Texas VA Healthcare System
  • Gregory P. Beehler, PhD, MA

    • Project Title: A Modified Hub and Spoke Model to Improve Access to MOUD
    • VA Location: VA Western New York
  • Christopher Fowler, PhD

    • Project Title: Development of A Virtual Reality Toolbox for Chronic Pain Self Management among Veterans
    • VA Location: James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital Tampa
  • Alison (Lewei) Lin, MD

    • Project Title: VHA Clinician Attitudes and Practices Regarding Buprenorphine Treatment and Impact on Patient Outcomes in Veterans with Opioid Use Disorder
    • VA Location: VA Ann Arbor
  • Allyson Varley, PhD, MPH

    • Project Title: Understanding primary care experience for homeless-experienced veterans with cooccurring pain and addiction
    • VA Location: Birmingham VA Medical Center